Yadav Vaivahik Parichay Sammelan Samit caters to the growing matrimonial needs of the Yadav community with a unique and innovative system. Many matrimonial sites are there which are serving a facilitating process for arranged marriages.We make a difference in such a way that here just the compatibility of the matches are not given preferences but the aspects of the other planets are also seen in details which really affects the marriage life of a person. This system encompasses traditional needs along with utmost confidentiality. We have successfully organized our first Parichay Sammelan in the year 25 April 2010 in which approx. 500 new bride & groom profiles were registered .Since then we have decided to organize this Parihay Sammelan every year in the month of October.

Organizing Core committee Members:
Adhyaksh : Ramavtar Yadav
Mukhya Sanyojak : K.P Yadav
Upadhyaksh : Ravikant yadav
Upadhyaksh : Deepak yadav
Upadhyaksh : Sikander yadav
Upadhyaksh : Dr Rajveer singh yadav
Upadhyaksh : Virender yadav (yadav sir)
Upadhyaksh : Veer pal yadav
Upadhyaksh : Vinod yadav
Upadhyaksh : Avnaindra yadav
Upadhyaksh : Laxman yadav
Upadhyaksh : Rajender yadav
Upadhyaksh : Krishan yadav
pravakta : Satender yadav
Sachiv : K.K yadav
Koshadhyaksh : M.S yadav
Koshadhyaksh : Anish yadav
Koshadhyaksh : Ravish yadav
Auditor : Alok yadav
panjikaran prabhari : Mahesh yadav
Sangathan mantri : Shyamveer yadav (chaprolla)
Sangathan mantri : Dhirender yadav (billo)
Sangathan mantri : Bhrampal yadav
Sangathan mantri : Manoj yadav
Sangathan mantri : Virender yadav (Adv)
Sangathan mantri : Dinesh yadav (GDA)
Sangathan mantri : Yashveer singh (Adv)
Sangathan mantri : Chetan yadav
Sangathan mantri : Santosh kumar yadav
Sangathan mantri : Kamlesh kumar yadav
Sangathan mantri : Suresh kumar yadav
Sangathan mantri : Jitender yadav
Sangathan mantri : Amrat yadav
Sangathan mantri : Vimal yadav
Sangathan mantri : Chote yadav
Sangathan mantri : Ram sharan yadav
Sangathan mantri : Vikas yadav
prachar mantri : Kunal yadav
prachar mantri : Ashok yadav
prachar mantri : Satprakash yadav (Railway)
prachar mantri : Rajeshwar yadav
prachar mantri : Arvind yadav
prachar mantri : Rajesh yadav (Patrakar)
prachar mantri : Vinod yadav (Patrakar)
prachar mantri : Arun yadav
prachar mantri : Jitender yadav
prachar mantri : Ravi yadav
prachar mantri : Nitin yadav
prachar mantri : Krishan pal yadav
Pradesh prabhari : Satender yadav (Agra)